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Nifti offers one simple place to track prices on things you love

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A price-tracking community

Take advantage of the millions of products other Nifti user are tracking, and add your own products from any other website.


See for yourself

One source to watch prices rise and fall on a daily basis so you can strike when the iron's hot.


Exactly what you want

Get only the price updates you care about. No more random email promotions.


How it Works

There are a number of different ways to get the most out of Nifti. Let us give you a few tips and soon you'll be a shopping pro.

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Nifti Button

The Nifti Button is the easiest way to add new products.  Just drag the Nifti Button to your browser’s bookmark bar.

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Click'View' on your browser and make sure your Bookmarks Toolbar is enabled

Drag & drop the Nifti Button to your toolbar

Go to another website, find an item that you like and then click the Nifti Button in your toolbar